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Greetings from the author Kimiko Lewis

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David W.

“I am in my 30s and dating has been hard for me, speaking to Coach Kimiko helped me to look at some of the things I may have been doing wrong and things I can improve on in the future."

Paiton W.

"I was looking for a life coach that would be open and understanding and Kimiko is exactly that. I have appreciated her great advice."


"I was expecting for Miko to share her life story with no specific expectations. Once I started reading, I found it difficult to put the book down. Miko takes you on a journey full of twists and turns and leave you wanting to read more. It is definitely a book that everyone can relate to in some type of way. "
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Here at K3Create we provide effective and fluent but versatile services. One of our motives is to bring scripts to life and ideas to reality, through video editing/ production. Our newly literature platform presents self help, entertaining and advising to quench your book worm thirst. 

If you're not into reading but still searching for mentorship with a specific bump in your life. Schedule your next life coaching session with us. As mentioned earlier we offer a plethora of services and we're excited to work with you. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries if necessary. 


Editing & Writing

Content Creation




K3Create is an independent editing brand here to assist you with bringing your visions to reality. We also have a new addition to our label called PCBUREADS. The year of 2021, PCBUREADS presented our first manuscript called Pretty can be Ugly. You can learn more about the read by clicking here "Book" . Pretty can be Ugly is an inspiring coming of age story that's relatable to all people. The book has great reviews on Amazon, Target and Barnes & Noble. 

Our founder Kimiko Lewis also offers life coaching and mentoring sessions for singles, people who are dating, in relationships, or seeking positive self love influence. To learn more about the sessions, what they provide and booking options click "HERE". 

Specialties: Advertisement Editing, Color Correction

Skills: Videography, Editing, SFX, Audio, Screenplays, Adobe Design Suite, Avid, Pro Tools. 

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Stay posted on the next PCBUREADS book sale! 

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