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Pretty can be Ugly Available Under "Online Store Options"!!

Kimiko Lewis (Author)


$25.00  $21.99

Pretty can be Ugly



Take a journey with Kimiko a.k.a Miko through the urban hoods of Detroit..

"Where what you know may get you checked but who you know may get you respect."
"Where what you're wearing may get you street cred or robbed."
"Where family and friends collide while relationships and bonds divide."

As this trip takes several detours you'll learn that all new beginnings end differently, people can't be trusted and the closest people to you need to be monitored at all times. You'll also witness that picture perfect situations on the outside are broken on the inside.

Miko is a young girl who faces judgement from classmates, family members, and strangers in her everyday life. Between her exotic features and her clean-cut upkeeping, people have no choice but to assume she's spoiled and her life is perfect.

What people don’t know is that behind closed doors Miko actually hates the life she lives and the place she calls home. While everyone is mesmerized over her beauty and style, she deeply wishes she wasn’t standing in the nice shoes she’s wearing. 

Pretty can be Ugly is a publication that goes into details about family, love, control, change, and prosperity. A lot of times in certain situations you’re forced to deal with unfortunate circumstances, but in every setback there’s a lesson to be learned. One significant lesson that Miko had to learn is not to let where you come from dictate where you’re going. Another tough lesson is to not be a product of your environment. And most importantly, not to judge a book by its cover.


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Kimiko Lewis- Pretty can be Ugly-

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