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Service Description

Hi future client! I'm Kimiko Lewis an author, specializing in self-love, singles and dating coaching. I’m originally from Detroit, MI and have traveled and lived in several cities and countries. Being brought up in an urban city, I have personal experience with all forms of love. Which has led me to wisdom on identifying good love and bad love. All love is not good love and I want you to know that one of the most significant kinds of love is self-love. With the highest magnitude of self-love, you can reach your abundant self in every department and become better at deciding what relationships are best for your life/ love life. Overall that’s the goal! Especially when it comes to romance, being single or in a relationship. You want to choose wisely on who you let love you. I want to help you identify pass mistakes and discover ways we can go about learning from them. Of course, we all make bad decisions sometimes but that’s where I come in. Guiding you on your journey to seeking healthy love and relationships is a goal and a gift of mine. I desire to water you in moving forward and progressing within your love, singleness or relationship growth. (All services will be provided via phone.) Certified Life Coach, Miko P.s. If you’re interested in getting to know more about me and my background, I have an autobiography called Pretty can be Ugly. This book is a true coming of age story that goes into detail about family, friends, love, hate, change and prosperity. You can check the full book synopsis out here under the "Book" tab or online at Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble and Kindle.

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  • United States

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